Ellie Mae is a very wonderful senior girl who is low energy and no work whatsoever. She likes naps, short walks, and she absolutely LOVES belly rubs. The only time she barks is when she needs to go potty. She's living very happily with a bunch of other dogs in a foster home. This charming little girl is a very cute soul, and we'd love to find her a quiet, low energy home where she will be spoil...
Meet Bella! She is a lovable & playful girl and we want to find her a new home. She is a Border Collie / Pitbull mixture and has nice traits of both breeds. She is energetic and loves to run & play. She plays fetch and loves her chew toys. At the dog park she runs / plays and is a good girl. She the commands sit, down, stay and come. She is very quiet and rarely barks. She comes when her name i...
A young girl took Freska from her mom at 4 weeks old. Needless to say that was too young as mom did not have time to teach social graces. Freska has lots of energy and would benefit from a puppy class. She loves to give kisses and gets so excited if someone will play and give her attention. Be good for Freska to have a fenced backyard to run free to play. We would love to have a veterinarian re...
Freska was taken from her mom at about 4 weeks. The young lady who took her started no positive training that a puppy should have. She was losing her place to live so Freska was turned into PRN. Freska is energetic, loving and a precious little love. She needs someone who will enjoy playing puppy games and showing her how to be a good little lady. She snuggles and gives kisses. To adopt Freska ...
Bella came to our home recently, with the understanding she was nice with babies. We have come to find out she is very territorial. She seeks attention and cuddles, but doesnt seem to like anything smaller then her. She loves to walk but is not leash trained, so you will need to work on that with her.
Mira is a very mellow dog, she is shy and extremely loving. She loves to snuggle and treats. She takes a while to trust people but when she does she is 1 of the most loving dogs you will ever meet.
Rigby's owner bought him from a breeder who was advertising him on Craig's List. They are moving out of state and says they can not take him . He is housebroke, and knows some commands. Has a great nature boy and does get along with other dogs. The ow...
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I adopted Kaiulani from the Humane Society on Labor Day after losing another dog. She is very precious and loving. However she is too energetic for my 14-1/2yr old Border Collie. When Kai is outside she plays well with my neighbor's 6 mnth old Labrador mixture puppy. She does good on hikes and long walks and with some training would be a good running companion. She is a good watch dog, often ba...
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